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2021 Predictions About Online Casino Trends


2021 Predictions About Online Casino Trends

2020 has undoubtedly been a ‘hell’ of a year. It’s even safe to say that it has been a disaster for many casinos. But while brick and mortar casinos and betting shops have been vastly affected by social distancing, online casinos continue to shine through this predicament. This year has seen more 5G coverage and improved mobile chips. So, let’s run ahead of time and see what online casino players should expect in 2021.

The continued rise of mobile gaming

The convenience of enjoying casino games from your laptop or desktop has been overtaken by the even simpler mobile casinos. Although most players still prefer desktop gaming due to the bigger screen and powerful hardware and software systems, smartphones are quickly catching up. The latest smartphones and tablets are now faster and more responsive, even faster than some PCs.

Also, Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are not making things any easy for desktop casinos. Today, the online casino world has seen an increase of free-to-play apps available for mobile downloads. And yes, mobile billing makes it a lot more convenient for gaming buffs to fund their online casino accounts via mobile.

Cryptocurrency will become the norm

Cryptocurrency payments like Bitcoin and Litecoin laid the foundation for cryptocurrency casinos. With that said, signing up on a cryptocurrency-based casino comes with a bagful of benefits. First of all, players enjoy super-low transaction fees, compared to credit card and debit card payments. Some Bitcoin casinos even go as far as offering zero charges.

Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are safer and more secure, thanks to the autonomy of blockchain technology. In most cases, online crypto casinos are available in countries with strict gambling regulations. While this sounds alarming, it lets you play your favorite online casino game anywhere, anytime. All in all, cryptocurrency transactions are expected to reach new levels much sooner.

Esports scores big

As said earlier, the COVID-19 issue disrupted many areas of life, mostly amateur and professional sports. In return, sports fans had to look for alternative methods of entertainment to kill off the weekends and weeknights.

Luckily, Esports has seized this opportunity to grow leaps and bounds during this turbulent year. Gamers can now come together and duke it out playing games for fun and tournaments in an exciting online setting. The jaw-dropping payouts in Esports have attracted many players over recent months. Research even has it that Esports fanbase is quickly rising. So, don’t be left out!

More legalization globally

While UK players enjoy playing at the best online casinos without any hassles, gamers around the world, especially in the USA, still face strict restrictions. However, this is about to change in 2021, as most states are planning to embrace online gambling. We’ll likely see new mobile betting authorizations in states like Vermont, Massachusetts, Kansas, Ohio, and more.

But it’s not only in the US that things are changing. In Europe, Germany plans to go full throttle on online gaming, albeit with strict requirements. For example, a player will only have a single account across all online casinos and sportsbooks. In addition to that, gamers will be limited to betting a maximum of €1000 per month. But that notwithstanding, the online gaming future is bright in these jurisdictions.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the online casino trends that you should expect going forward. Although we hope for many more changes in the future, you should learn to live with the current circumstances. As we still wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to end, casino players can always have fun from the comfort of their homes. Just find the perfect casino app, deposit some funds, and enjoy yourself!

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