Slovak Ministry of Finance

In Slovakia, the Finance Ministry regulates all mobile gaming operations and licensing.

By enforcing compliance to the regulations, the Ministry offers citizens safe mobile casino and sportsbook access.

As Slovakia doesn’t have a well-known mobile gambling landscape, the region doesn’t have a huge demand for mobile casino licenses.

Yet, there are several online casinos, which also offer mobile casino entertainment to residents of the region.

These licensed mobile casinos must follow the country’s strict regulations to ensure safe betting practices.

As the Ministry for finance is responsible for enforcement, the department ensures that licensed mobile casino operations operate with transparency and integrity while adhering to the country’s gambling regulations.

Slovak Ministry of Finance
SMF Licensed Mobile CasinosAbout Slovakia’s LicenseLicensing Tax
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SMF Licensed Mobile Casinos

By 2017, no Slovakian mobile casinos existed. However, players from the region continued to access foreign-based mobile casinos.

The regulatory agency attempted to block international mobile casinos from providing services to the region. However, after EU pressure in 2011, attempts to block unlicensed mobile casinos were cancelled. Smartphone mobile casino access is relatively low at only 10 percent.

However, overall mobile casino access reaches more than 120 percent with subscribers obtaining mobile casino access with 3 major casino providers. Orangs has more than 2.9 mill subscribers; Telekom has 2.3 million; and o2 reaches 1.4 million.

Licensed mobile casinos are required to follow strict regulations designed to protect Slovakian citizens. Since millions access international websites, gambler safety is left to these casinos.

Many are regulated by and licensed in other regions. In most cases, licensed mobile casinos offer transparency, fair game play, and processes to combat gambling addiction.

Slovakia’s finance ministry continues to monitor online casinos to ensure gaming safety for citizens. Wherever possible, the agency encourages licensure to ensure that a mobile casino meets high standards for ethical business practices.

Beyond collecting tax money from a percentage of mobile casino revenues, the Slovakian government is interested in ensuring that Slovakian citizens have access to safe online mobile entertainment.

About Slovakia’s License

Since 2018, the National Council in Slovakia implemented a revolutionary betting Act, which opened gambling operations to international casino operators.

For those accessing the casinos via mobile applications, this change in the laws broke the state-run monopoly on some forms of gambling.

From 2005, the main Act regulating gambling on land and online permitted all forms of gambling in sections 9 and 29. These regulations required mobile online casinos to have a base of operations within the region’s borders, which included an operating server for the mobile casino.

As regulations have changed the area is now opening to international mobile casinos, which citizens flock to use in droves. Following some pressure from the EU, Slovakia is allowing more access for citizens by curbing restrictions on international mobile casinos.

Licensing Tax

Licensed operators pay Slovakia a 27 percent difference in accepted bets and payoffs. Unlicensed mobile operators are not paying the fees that licensed operators are required to pay Slovakia.

In fact, allowing international mobile casinos to access Slovakia’s citizens has impacted local casino business. The state-run entities have been in a position of losing casino business to international online mobile operators.

Fortunately, licensed mobile operations in Slovakia continues to grow, providing gamblers with safe mobile casino entertainment

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