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Bonus Codes

Bonus Codes at Mobile Casinos

Bonus Codes are a form of playing incentives given to mobile casino players. These bonuses are often rolled out during special promotions. They are usually offered to potential customers to encourage them to sign up with the bookmaker. They can also be offered to existing players at times.

Different bonus codes hold different meanings and values. Depending on playing preferences, a player decides whether or not to use the bonus. When the player enters the code into the relevant account, the value of the code is reflected in the bonus account balance. The player can then wager the amount.

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Cashback Bonus

Cashback Bonus at Mobile Casinos

Cashback bonuses are increasingly becoming popular among mobile casino players. When it comes to cashback bonuses, a player is refunded the money placed as a wager in case he loses the bet. The refund can be partial or full, depending on the terms of the mobile casino.

Cash Back Bonuses are usually offered with the intention of enticing players to place wagers. From the players' perspective, the cashback bonus minimizes the risk of loss and hence appears to be quite attractive. However, various terms and conditions usually have to be met before the player can be refunded if he loses his wager.

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Deposit Bonus

Best Cashback Bonus

Determining which is the best bonus is can be a bit challenging for most players. That is because players have to factor in the terms and conditions, in addition to the bonus cash amount. Notably, wagering requirements can make a bonus that appears to be attractive at first, not worth claiming.

The cashback bonus terms and conditions are usually not revealed as openly as the bonus itself. It is the responsibility of the player to look for, read, and understand them so that they can claim the bonus the right way. Failing to meet the requirements may result in the cashback bonus being invalidated.

Free Cashback Bonus at Mobile Casinos

Free cashback bonuses offered at mobile casinos come with a variety of benefits to the players. For starters, players get an opportunity to get their money back even if they lose the wager. It also allows for more great betting strategies to be applicable.

Cashback bonuses also encourage players to try out new games and casino features. With reduced chances of losing money, players can be more confident about risking their money in the new games. The process of trying out new games without fear of losing can help them discover new strategies or opportunities for winning.

Turn Cash Back Bonus to real money

Unlike other bonuses, turning the cashback bonus to real money is usually easy and straightforward. That is probably because the money has to be initially deposited by the user to his cash account. For most casinos, the bonus can easily be transferred to the cash account.

However, there are usually a few requirements that should be satisfied before the user can get the cashback bonus. For example, a player may place multiple bets on one wager. Based on the terms, the casino might offer the cashback bonus only if the player comes close to winning, say by losing a single match bet.

Wagering requirements

A majority of the mobile casinos keep the wagering requirements for cashback bonuses at a minimum. The concept is quite simple, where the players get either all or part of their money back after losing a wager. Funds can then be withdrawn or used to place another wager for another chance of winning.

For the cashback bonuses that are not refunded in full, percentages may be used to calculate the amount of money that the player gets back. Ideally, the punter should research on which mobile casino offers favorable wagering requirements on cashback bonuses, before determining if utilizing the cashback bonus is viable.

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Free Money Bonus

Free Money Bonus at Mobile Casinos

A free money bonus is a type of playing incentive that is usually given to new players in mobile casinos. It gives the players a chance to win cash without necessarily having to spend anything from their pocket. It is usually awarded right after signing up with the mobile casino.

The free money bonuses are typically offered as a way of enticing new mobile casino players to sign up with the betting site. Free money bonuses are a marketing strategy utilized by online casino operators to deal with the high competition in the gambling industry. Ideally, most punters are drawn to casinos by free money bonuses.

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Free Spins Bonus

Free Spin Bonus at Mobile Casinos

A free spin casino bonus is a chance given to mobile slots players to spin the reels on slots games for free. Considering that it is an incentive offered to slots punters, clicking on the free spin button does not affect the player's account balance.

Most mobile casinos offer slots players a free spin bonus. Free spin bonuses are exclusive to specific slots games. Ideally, the primary reason casinos offer this incentive is to give players a chance to familiarize themselves with a new game in its purest form. Free spins are by far the most popular type of casino bonus.

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High-roller Bonus

High Roller Bonus at Mobile Casinos

High roller bonuses are bonuses offered to players who frequently wager large sums of money in their betting sessions. The high rollers usually get preferential treatment, and awarding them with the high roller bonuses comes as part of the special treatment. The actual bonus offered often varies among different mobile casinos.

It is important to note that not all mobile casinos offer high roller bonuses. For mobile casinos that are generous enough to acknowledge high rollers, some only offer the bonus after an extra-large deposit is made while others activate the bonus after a player places a massive wager. Some require invitational entries as well.

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Match Bonus

In the world of online gaming, a match bonus is when the house or casino, either physical or online, matches the amount of money which you deposit, or are willing to wager. It is especially prevalent in the world of online casinos, and also in sports betting such as football and horses.

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No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonus at Mobile Casinos

Just as the name might suggest, a no deposit bonus allows mobile casino players to play before they have to commit their money. This bonus is usually awarded after a new player has signed up at the casino. A player, however, has to meet the wagering requirements to activate this bonus.

The amount awarded for the no deposit bonus usually varies for different mobile casinos. In most instances, no deposit bonuses are offered only once, generally during the account registration process. However, a player can receive the bonus repeatedly when the casino introduces something new, such as a fresh game or betting option.

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Reload Bonus

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