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Tips for Staying Safe on Mobile Casinos


Tips for Staying Safe on Mobile Casinos

Mobile security is a major concern in the online gambling industry. Here are five crucial tips for staying safe when playing mobile casino games in 2020.

Five Tips for Staying Safe When Playing Mobile Casino

There are over 2 billion mobile users worldwide, and that's the reason for the rapid development of the mobile gaming industry. More gamblers are opting for mobile gaming while on the go, instead of desktop and land casino gaming. But then, there are several risks that mobile casinos come with.

With desktop gambling, at least most of the PCs and Macs have antivirus software. But then, most mobile users overlook the essence of mobile security. Considering the fact that online casinos are home to online fraudsters and hackers, mobile players need to seal all the loopholes. Below are five tips for staying on mobile casinos.

1. Play on Licensed Casinos

There are thousands of online casinos, some licensed while others operate without licensing. Gamblers must register and play on mobile casinos that are licensed in any jurisdiction, by at least one renowned sanctioning body. Many data and privacy breaches have been reported on unlicensed online casinos.

2. Choose Audited Casinos

Some casinos are licensed, but then, they don't have fair games. For that reason, players need to register on casinos that are independently audited. Internal audits can be helpful, but then, they are not as certain as independent audits from the likes of eCOGRA and other online gaming regulators.

3. Play on Secure Websites

Another tip for staying safe when mobile gaming is playing on secure websites only. On the web address, visitors can see whether the website is secured or not. Playing on unsecured websites exposes crucial data like passwords (for payment platforms) to hackers and other unscrupulous online casino dealers.

4. Never Save Passwords

Don't save passwords; be it the casino account password or passwords to online payment accounts. These days, hackers install malware in the form of cookies. When gamblers save passwords, they can be fetched and used in the wrong way. It's better to use a password that can be easily remembered.

5. Go for the Household Names

Last is regarding the choice of online casinos. On the market, there are thousands of options; some are genuine dealers while others are quacks offering pathetic games or are after players' data. It's always recommended to register and play on the popular online casinos that have a reputation to guard.


Those are five tips mobile casino enthusiasts can implement to stay safe online. As mobile casino is continuing to thrive, online gambling fraud will also thrive. So for gamblers, it's important to stay safe. Besides the above tips, using a VPN can also be helpful but note that casinos do not recommend them.

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