Top 10 FundSend Mobile Casinos 2024

FundSend is an efficient payment method presented as an option for gambling players who want to secure their money. This payment system offers the same type of security as electronic wallets for the peace of mind of customers.

FundSend works practically the same as a credit or debit card, so it is incredibly comfortable for users while simplifying the payment or transfer process to the maximum.

Created in England, its purpose is to send money from a credit or debit card to any recipient internationally. The best thing is that the players can do it in a practical, safe, and economical way.

Top 10 FundSend  Mobile Casinos 2024
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Deposits at Mobile Casinos with FundSend

FundSend is a payment method available in over 40 countries, accepting payments with direct debit, credit, or prepaid cards issued by MasterCard and VISA. The process of making a deposit is highly convenient as it requires only basic information from the user - a valid e-mail address and a bank card. The user also has to confirm the payment directly from their online banking account. Compared to other payment methods, FundSend has relatively high deposit limits, allowing players to deposit higher amounts of money, if they desire.

Withdrawals from Mobile Casinos with FundSend

Players are able to withdraw funds from their FundSend account at mobile casinos that support the payment method. The process is usually relatively straightforward, however, the user must ensure that the account is properly verified with the casino. The withdrawal process usually takes 1-3 days, depending on the casino. However, the transaction speed can vary depending on the player's withdrawal limit as well as the user’s bank policy.

Fees and Limitations for FundSend Users

FundSend is a fairly cost-effective payment solution. It charges a minimal fee when making deposits. The exact percentage charged is usually between 1.25% - 2%. The withdrawal fee is usually lower, usually ranging from 0.5-1%. FundSend also limits the amount of money that can be transferred to a maximum of 5,000€ per transaction.

Bonuses Available for FundSend Users

Mobile casinos often provide special bonuses to players using this payment method. For example, some casinos offer bonuses for making a deposit with FundSend, such as a 10-15% bonus on top of the deposit. Some casinos also offer additional perks, such as free spins or even cash bonuses. These bonuses can provide players with an extra boost to their account balance to help them get ahead in their gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Using FundSend at Mobile Casinos

FundSend is a highly convenient payment method, allowing mobile casino players to make fast and secure deposits and withdrawals. The service also offers high deposit limits, allowing players to transfer large amounts of money in a single transaction. The fees are also quite low, so users don’t have to worry about unnecessarily high costs.

On the other hand, the withdrawal process can sometimes be more complex than other payment methods, and the withdrawal time can sometimes be longer. Additionally, this payment method is still relatively new, so it is not yet available in many countries.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is FundSend?

FundSend is a mobile casino payment method that allows players to securely send funds to an online casino account. It is a fast, convenient and secure alternative to traditional methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers.

What are the benefits of using FundSend?

FundSend is a great choice for players who want to make deposits and withdrawals to their online casino account quickly and securely. It can be used from a variety of locations, including retail outlets and online casinos. FundSend also has advanced security measures in place, making it a safe and reliable payment method for mobile casino players.

How do I use FundSend for mobile casinos?

Using FundSend at a mobile casino is easy. All you need to do is register for a FundSend account and link it to your online casino account. You can then make deposits on the FundSend website using a valid payment method. Once the deposit is processed, the funds will be transferred to your mobile casino account, ready for you to use.

Are there any fees associated with using FundSend?

The fees associated with using FundSend depend on the payment method used to make the deposit. Generally, there are no fees for deposits made with valid payment methods. However, it is best to check with the casino to confirm any fees that may apply.

What payment methods are accepted with FundSend?

FundSend accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets. Depending on the country of registration and payment method used, some transactions may be subject to additional verification or may be restricted.

How secure is FundSend for mobile casinos?

FundSend has advanced security measures in place to protect players’ data and funds. All payments are securely encrypted and processed through secure servers. Additionally, players’ accounts are protected with two-factor authentication.

How long do FundSend transactions take?

FundSend transactions are usually processed quickly, typically within a few minutes. However, the processing time can vary depending on the payment method used and the country of registration.

Are there any restrictions on FundSend for mobile casinos?

Depending on the country of registration and payment method used, there may be restrictions on certain transactions. It is best to check with the casino to confirm any restrictions that may apply.